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Great Trips Outside Florence

Undoubtedly, Florence is a wonderful city hemmed with artsy treasures. It is a bustling metropolis devoted fully to history, but visiting it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the heart of the city, don’t miss traveling to other parts of the city as well!

In this article, we ppresent to you a short-list of areas and cities that you should make an effort to include into your tour program when visiting Florence. Needless to say, other parts of Italy are as equally important and worth of your time. So enjoy all throughout your holiday!

  • Siena

Siena is a World Heritage destinations, it can be reached after travel of one day from Florence. Furthermore, Siena is one of a kind and one of the mostly visited attractions in Italy, well-known for its culinary art, artistic creation, museums, medieval outlook and a horse race organized two times a year on 2nd June and 16th Aug, the Palio di Siena.

By taking Florence as a main based for exploring the entire Tuscany, you will get the possibility to travel around Italian towns clad by history and old fashioned cultural treasures. Indeed, exploring the cities beyond Florence can open up great experiences for intrepid tourists.

  •  San Gimignano

Moving on a hillside to overlook the landscape of the Valdelsa city, it is just about 56km to the southern side of Florence. San Gimignano is a township announced by UNESCO to be part of the Architectural Heritage of the World and is well-known as “the city of gorgeous towers” – a starting point of its extraordinary skyline of towers belonging to the Middle Ages.  Based on anecdotes, the Patrician family who once took over the town constructed about 72 tower-type homes as a long-lasting icon of their wealth and authority.  Only fourteen withstood the test of time and still now stands to date, but still San Gimignano has maintained its magnificent Italian arts and history dating back to 14th and 15th Century. You can simply reach this place from Florence via van or by bus.

  • Lucca

Lucca comes in a valley located on North West side of Florence. A well maintained model of medieval structural design, Lucca’s historic resorts makes it one of a kind and a truly delightful town to visit in Tuscany. One of the most gorgeous parts of Lucca is the amazingly maintained town walls belonging to cultural rebirth from the 14th to 17th century that still exists as it was around in the OldTown. It is for the most part unusual because that a lot of cities have already lost their old-fashioned features following long times of development.  To get to Lucca, travel by car through the A11 motorway, or hop on a train.

  • Pisa

Who hasn’t heard of the world-renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa? Yes, it is a very prominent landmark in the world because of its inclined structure.  But Pisa also has a lot of other interesting buildings and imaginative marvels that beckons visitors all over the world, such as its places of worship. The city center is decidedly small, making it a convenient destination to enjoy as you can go anywhere in the city just by walking in the course of the general streets. Adding up to its appeal is its culture and its institution of higher education that makes the town a gathering point for students. Pisa offers a lot of cultural events all the way through the year.

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