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How to drive in hot weather without any fuss

Breakdown cover provider Green Flag has recently pointed out that it answers more than 500,000 calls between June and August from UK drivers who have become stranded at the roadside.




Just imagine how much strain a rental vehicle will be under if you fail to look after it when you are driving around a holiday destination, which basks in scorching hot temperatures all year round!

Make sure your time abroad is mostly spent seeking out wonderful sights and not sitting at the side of the road, by following these five tips for driving during hot weather:


Pack all the essentials 

It is not just the suntan lotion that you should think about packing when leaving your hotel and driving down to the beach or to a city near to your resort.

A first aid kit will come in handy if any passenger feels a bit queasy on their way from A to B, although a soft drink or a small snack could be all that is needed if anyone in a car requires a small energy boost.



Keep kids entertained 

If you are heading on a family holiday, it is important to consider how you are going to keep your children entertained whenever you get in your hire car.

To avoid tantrums in the backseat and constant queries of ‘are we there yet?’ make sure that you have your kids’ favorite toys close at hand and have thought of some fun games that will pass the time. I Spy is a classic that is not just exciting for all the family, but will also have your little ones taking in the wonder of the holiday destination.


Prevent crime when leaving a car unattended


Never assume that everyone on your holiday will be friendly – leaving your car unattended is an invite for thieves no matter which country you have picked for a getaway.

Make sure every door is locked in your hire car whenever you are leaving it standing on its own, and close the windows and sunroof – if it has one – too. Even a minute or two away from a vehicle is enough time for criminals to make their move.


Save fuel 

There are many simple tactics that you can apply to reduce the amount of spending money you use on fuelling up a rental car.

Instead of opening windows – especially when in top gear cruising along a motorway – see if popping open the air vents will be just as useful for cooling you and passengers down.

Air conditioning should be turned either down or completely off as soon as the inside of a car is cool. Remember, you are throwing money away if you have the air con on while doors or windows are open.



Safely keep hay fever at bay behind the wheel

Hayfever can be a nuisance during the summer months, with this the case in any country where pollen is present in the air.

To reduce the risk of taking your eyes off the road by sneezing at 70mph, check if your hire car is fitted with pollen filters, take antihistamines and wear sunglasses to reduce the glare of the sun.

Closing windows and air vents will obviously help to reduce the number of pollen grains that enter your car, though it will be wise to get someone else to drive if you are suffering from a severe allergic reaction.




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