California, United States of America

Savor San Francisco

Ah, the famous city of California – San Francisco! What more can you ask for? A beautiful explosion of rolling hills, ethnic melting pot, architectural wonders, and picturesque wineries! Explore San Francisco and savor every moment!




Golden Gate Bridge – Mention San Francisco tourist attraction and you’ll most likely envision the Golden Gate Bridge. This picturesque suspension bridge spanning 2.7 kilometer is on the bucket list of every tourist visiting San Francisco for the first time.  Golden Gate Bridge connects the northern tip of San Francisco to Marin Country.  It has 6 lanes; a walkway is open to pedestrians  while biking is allowed on the western side.  


Alcatraz Island – Also known as The Rock, Alcatraz Island houses the famed former federal prison.  It has appeared in several films including the 1996 movie “The Rock” starring Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery.  Based on anecdotes, this controversial island has long been claimed by the Native Americans saying they have long discovered the island even before the Europeans arrived. Today, this National Historical Landmark is thronged by tourists arriving in the island via the Alcatraz Cruises.


Napa Valley-  If you fancy Oregon’s countryside, then you’ll fall in love with Napa Valley. Clad by postcard-perfect vineyards, mustard fields and vast pastoral land, Napa Valley offers visitors a breath of fresh air and laid-back atmosphere. Thankfully, it has blissfully maintained its bucolic appeal and to date, it boasts of over four hundred wineries attracting throngs of tourists each year. 


North Beach – Dubbed as San Francisco’s Little Italy, North Beach neighborhood is flanked by European-inspired avenues, restaurants and cafes.  Making true to its moniker “The Little Italy”, it is a haven of Italian Americans in this region. Don;t go home without paying a visit to the majestic Saints Peter and Paul Church dominating the neighborhood and scale up Coit Tower Telegraph Hill for a scenic view of the bay.

Fisherman’s Wharf – This crowded waterfront is the place to be if you want to visit the top attractions in San Francisco.  Fisherman’s Wharf is hemmed by souvenirs shops and seafood restaurants. Take a leisurely walk to Ripley’ Believe it or Not and the Wax Museum or watch the adorable sea lions by the pier.


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