Chicago in 24 Hours

For first-timer’s in Chicago, it is best to start a walking tour of The Loop which is a perfect way to get a glimpse of the iconic Chicago architecture. While you are in the area, do make time to visit one of the city’s gorgeous museums before taking a walk at Michigan Avenue, a famed street in this lively metropolis which will connect …

Romantic National Parks in the United States

Islands are the usual places to say “I do”, but for those couples looking for great setting alternatives for dating or proposals, lovely national parks will do. Here are some of our picks:  

Holiday options for Brits with a fear of flying

Research suggests that the majority of people experience some form of discomfort when flying, and approximately ten per cent are classified as having aerophobia – a fear of flying that is so intense it can cause physical symptoms like heart palpitations and psychological distress.

Dreams of Wedding in Florence

Most couples from through out the world have a daydream of enjoying their wedding party in Florence city. It is because of simple reason: Florence is an extremely dreamy city along with its historic palaces, hard to believe skyline looks, and closely encircling hills, that’s why it is considered as the perfect setting for a memorable day.