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CHINA: Best Things to Do in Macau

Macau is one of the places on Earth that really typifies the “Bright Lights, Big City”atmosphere. This lively autonomous territory of China is not only brimming with gaming and entertainment attractions, it also boasts of a number of cultural, historical and nature charms that would definitely appeal to travelers. To fully maximize your exploration of Macau, here are some things to do in Macau.

1. Casino Hopping without Gambling

Of course, we don’t encourage travelers to gamble their travel fund away. Good news in Macau, tourists are allowed to enter as many casinos they can – as these establishments are aplenty in Macau. Regale at the outstanding interiors of the many high-technology casinos and get a feel of the places where many high rollers come to visit. If you can’t help it, then take at least a shot at a slot machine and see if luck traveled with you to Macau.

MACAU casinos

Popular casinos includes; The Venetian Macau, Grand Lisboa, the Galaxy, the Wynn Resort and more.

Travelers Tip:Some casinos give out free lunch stab so take advantage of it so you can have a decent lunch at one of the casino’s restaurants.


2. Visit the Ruins of St. Paul’s

Macau St.Paul's Ruins

Hands down the most popular landmark in Macau is this beautiful ruins of a 16thcentury complex. Today, only the façade of the Church of Saint Paul and the adjacent Saint Paul College remains. Both are inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taking a photograph at the stairs fronting the ruins is a must for every traveler.


3. Take a Slow Stroll along Senado Square

Senado Square is the heart of the Historic Center of Macau – which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located a few strides away from the Ruins of St. Paul, Senado Square is a very charming public space filled with quaint souvenir shops and restaurants. Making the place more appealing are the design of the establishments teeming with architectural grandeur prevalent during the colonial years of Macau.

MACAU THINGD TO DO - senado square
The famous Senado Square

Because of the visual feasts surrounding you, a slow stroll along Senado Square will easily become one of your highlight moments in Macau.

The Historic Center of Macau also boast of other interesting sights such as the Moorish Barracks, St. Lawrence Church, Dom Pedro V Theater and a lot more.

4. Hike Mount Fortress and Guia Hill

Also a short distance away from the Ruins of St. Paul is Mount Fortress – where the Fortaleza do Monte – a vital defensive structure built during the Portuguese rule, can be found. A relaxed hike of under an hour will take you to the top. Enjoy the cool wind while resting your eyes on the scenic view that surrounds this small mountain.


Guia Fort in Macau

If you are game for another chill hike, the tallest peak found in Macau is also the place where you can see the historic Guia Fortress. Had enough hiking for the day? No problem, there is a cable car that takes visitors to the top. A 15 meter lighthouse provides the perfect landmark in this mountain top where you can also view the majestic panoramic scenery of Macau Peninsula. Don’t forget to check out the expansive collection of artworks found inside the Chapel of our Lady of Guia, situated near the lighthouse.

5. Have a Taste of Culture at Macau Museum and Macau Wine Museum

Do not just enjoy the sights of Macau, try to also learn its colorful history from being a colony of Portugal to becoming part of China’s autonomy region, by checking out the extensive historical artifacts housed inside the Macau Museum.


Macau Museum


Macau Museum is also located at Mount Fortress.

Because culture tripping requires a bit of museum hopping as well. The Macau Wine Museum, located at Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, offers an opportunity to learn about the intricate process of wine-making. The museum allows the visitors to learn about the wine industry and its production through an interactive display of photographs and videos. You can also venture into the Museum’s wine cellar to familiarize yourself with the museum’s many wine bottle collection from all over the world.

6. Offer a Prayer at A-Ma Temple

This Ming Dynasty 15thcentury Taoist temple constructed in honor of the goddess of the sea: A-Ma, remains as a tourist destination for travelers from all kinds of faith. If you are into architecture and history, you will definitely enjoy wandering around this temple complex.

7. Learn about Nature Conservation at Seac Pai Van Park

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park may house the most famous giant Pandas in the region, but Macau’s Seac Pai Van Park is also home to a couple of loveable Pandas. Playing a crucial role in promoting nature conservation and educating tourists about its importance, the park also houses many marine-based and land animals. This is a wonderful place to learn about what various environmental organizations are doing in order to help endangered species like the Pandas lengthen their existence in the planet.

8. Bungee Jump at Macau Tower

Saving the best – and most thrilling for last, is the bungee jump at the 223 meter high outer rim platform of the 338 meter tall Macau Tower. Scream your heart out as you drop from this pulsating and adrenaline-filled leap at what is considered as the 2ndhighest commercial decelerator descent facilityin the planet, next to Las Vegas’ Stratosphere sky jump which towers at 252 meters. Doing this activity is a bit pricey at USD 400/PHP 21,464/EURO 343/SGD 545 but the electrifying experience it will bring is going to be a life-long awesome memory.

macau bunjee jumping

These are just some of the must-do things when in Macau. You can use it for guide but still able to accomplish other activities and visit more places, as Macau has other scenic parks, outdoor trails and theme parks such as the Fisherman’s Wharf, that are also worthy places to visit. Explore wide and eat your way happily into Macau. Oh, did I mention food tripping in Macau is also a must-do?









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