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Dreams of Wedding in Florence

Most couples from through out the world have a daydream of enjoying their wedding party in Florence city. It is because of simple reason: Florence is an extremely dreamy city along with its historic palaces, hard to believe skyline looks, and closely encircling hills, that’s why it is considered as the perfect setting for a memorable day.

Nestled in the center of the city, Palazzo Vecchio, located inside Piazza della Signoria, is a wonderful spot for social weddings. It is called Florence’s city hall, and is enclosed by beautiful and legendary shrines for instance Ponte Vecchio, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, Giotto Bell’s Tower and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The social ceremonial event takes place in the self-styled Red Hall, graced with lavish red carpets, curtains and the original wall screenings that belong to an earlier time of 1860s.

For a spiritual ceremonial event, it’s possible to pick from among many of royal churches in Florence, akin to the amazing church of San Miniato a Monte that has a surprising look of the whole city.  There are also more than a few small and loving churches on the closely encircling hills.

And, in addition to all the foregoing, the wedding greeting will also see you perfect selection linked by beautiful housing colonies and country resorts with beautiful scenes of Florence and its landscape. The Four Season Hotel, is placed not much far away from the historic centre of Florence and is consisted of further two buildings constructed in the times of 15th and 16th centuries, in addition to a wonderful botanic part (GherardescaGarden). Villa Cora is named as the “grande dame” of the South hillsides by reason of its high position. The Villa di Maiano and the Castle of Vincigliata are ideal for an “imperial” wedding ceremony, at the same time as Il Trebbiolo Relais, on the hillsides near Florence is the most excellent option if you would like to get enjoyment from the Tuscan countryside.

Later than the wedding ceremony you can depart to a very loving honeymoon in Tuscany, selecting among historic and cultural tours, wine tasting tours, special cooking tours, go to farms and towns of Tuscany or, if you have interest in, cookery classes.

It is obvious that Italy is well-known all over the world for its extremely painful bureaucracy, so it may come as a sudden unexpected thing that it is one of the more comfortable European countries for overseas to tied the knot in. There are a lot of agencies to help you; it is good to search one who is approved and recognized by the general community.

If you want to avoid any risk, or not have much time to put everything in order, you can call some wedding agencies in Florence. If you would like to do the whole arrangements on your own, you will feel that it is not as much complicated as you may think. To begin with, without regard to your nationality, with the purpose of getting married lawfully in Italy you have to present the following documentations: passports, character or police certificate, and Nulla Osta. Also perceive with the mind that the official documents expire later than 3 months. In any case for more comprehensive information contact your Consulate, because every country requires special and extra documents.


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