UNITED KINGDOM: 10 Best Things to Do in London

As England’s capital and one of the world’s largest, London is a bustling city boasting modern landscapes amid mid-century charm. Diverse cultural groups have made the capital their home, too, and visitors are bound to find attractions showcasing such.   With a plethora of worthwhile destinations, including the Buckingham Palace, Michelin-starred restaurants, and four UNESCO Heritage Sites, visitors will find …

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Europe, France

An Afternoon Stroll in Paris

The illustrious Paris city is composed of twenty arrondissements and the first arrondissement is packed with tourists and memoirs of the royal rule. Perhaps every first-timer in this dreamy city wants to tick off the magnificent landmarks such as Louvre, Palais-Royal, Sainte Chapelle and Tuileries off their bucket list and thankfully, all of them can be easily accessed at the …

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Europe, Spain

6 Best Things to Do in Madrid

One of the most-visited tourist destinations in Europe is the region’s 3rd largest city – Madrid, the capital of Spain. Despite the lack of medieval structures, the frantically- populated metropolis is still an interesting place to visit.  A leisurely stroll will reward visitors with streets dappled with beautiful sculptures and tranquil gardens.  We’ve rounded up the best of Madrid below …

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Europe, Italy

Timeless Rome : Ancient Sights

This UNESCO World Heritage Sites beckons tourists from all over the world because of its lavish structures, archaic sculptures and opulent fountains. Touring Rome in Italy can be overwhelming to first time visitors so it is best to know the varied districts of the Eternal City and decide from there where you want to explore first. Related Posts:TPSB Homedestinations

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