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Holiday options for Brits with a fear of flying

Research suggests that the majority of people experience some form of discomfort when flying, and approximately ten per cent are classified as having aerophobia – a fear of flying that is so intense it can cause physical symptoms like heart palpitations and psychological distress.

People who cannot bring themselves to board a plane due to this condition, or who would rather avoid the stressful experience, must therefore look for alternative modes of transport when it comes to going on holiday. Below we list some of the best alternative options for those with a fear of flying.


Cruising is the best option for those who want to avoid air travel without sacrificing the ability to holiday in far-flung destinations. You can sail from the UK and choose the port that’s nearest to you, so that setting off on a getaway will require just a short ride in the car or on public transport.

As a result, your initial journey should be a breeze, meaning that you can start your holiday in a relaxed and energetic state. You can therefore start to make the most of your luxury surroundings and the ship’s facilities as soon as you step on board.

However, you don’t have to go far afield – you can take a cruise around the UK, take a mini cruise to the likes of France and Ireland, or visit a range of exciting towns and cities in Europe if you prefer. You can find out more about the cruise holidays available to you here.

With the chance to visit a number of destinations in style, a cruise is perfect for those with aerophobia who have previously missed out on travel opportunities and are looking to make up for it by seeing as much of the world as possible.


Some people with a fear of flying choose to take the coach, with a ferry ride in-between, to the continent. This is therefore a viable option if you’re looking to explore Europe, but remember that your initial journey will be long and most likely unglamorous.

You can go for a full coach holiday, where you will hop on and off the vehicle throughout your trip and visit different destinations, but if you prefer to set your own agenda, it’s best to alight in France and make your way around using public transport or a hire car.


The Eurostar allows you to travel from London St Pancras International railway station directly to Brussels, Paris and Disneyland Paris, Lille, Avignon, Bourg St Maurice, Aime La Plagne and Moutiers. It’s therefore a great option is you’re looking to visit the Belgian or French capital, go skiing in the Alps or discover one of France’s more beautiful cities.

After travelling through the Channel Tunnel, you also have the opportunity to make connections to a range of other destinations,  including Frankfurt, Germany; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Zurich, Switzerland.

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