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Devices for Perfect Outdoor Imagery

Spending time in nature can be refreshing while giving you a way to unwind from city life. Using companies such as Outdoor-Traveler, you can find amazing tours and locations that can inspire and delight yourself and the family. Although you may be creating lasting memories of the experience, taking pictures allows you to share and reminisce in the atmosphere. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, there are many ways you can film these experiences.



Film What You See

Some brands of sunglasses are equipped with small cameras that support 720p digital video recording. These items are perfect for outdoor exploration as you’re able to record virtually everything in front of you. From rock climbing to forest trails and tours, you can easily share the experience with others while giving a point-of-view recording.

Waterproof Helmet-mounted Sports Camera

When biking across nature trails, the helmet-mounted sports camera can provide an excellent view of the terrain without getting in the way or risk being dropped. This can be a useful tool when spelunking in dark caverns or exploring dark forests at night as some of these units also provide night vision capabilities. As some of nature’s animals are nocturnal, you can record the experience of seeing one of these creatures.

Under the Sea

Heading to a location that has underwater highlights? Underwater digital cameras are manufactured to take full color and sharp imagery in a variety of situations. Many of these devices are capable of recording HD-level video and quality snapshots allowing you to record interesting moments while under water.

NBL Camera Diving


Trap Cameras

Popularized by hunters, trap cameras can do more than confirm the existence of prey. Many people will use these motion-sensing devices to take pictures of elusive wildlife or even identify creatures getting into the garbage cans. These can be purchased using night vision or flash photography in stunning detail and large storage capacities. As these cameras only operate when motion is detected, you’ll spend less time weeding through blank images.

Bike-mounted Cameras

Due to the popularity, bike-mounted cameras have dropped in price allowing anyone to give a PoV display of their ride. As these are easy to install and adjust onto virtually any bicycle, you don’t need a high technical level to start creating your own videos. Much like the helmet-mounted camera, you can record everything in your path whether in the mountains or on the roads.

Illuminate the Darkness

For areas that you want to shine light on, various camera flashlights can provide HD quality images while being mounted or handheld. While night vision can illuminate an area, units such as these allows recording in the dark using full color.


Fit Anywhere

Sports cameras don’t all have to be large or bulky. Some of these cameras perfect for outdoor events are no bigger than a flash drive. Able to fit in a variety of pockets, these can be quite beneficial if you are only able to carry a limited amount of items or have no additional room for cameras.

While smartphones can do a decent job of filming your outdoor adventures, special cameras designed for specific situations can take the experience to a new level. Digital recording systems can be found to support a myriad of outdoor excursions. Find the perfect device for your next trip into the wilderness.

photo credits: photo 1: Flickr CC Sportsfriends photo 2 Flickr CC David Galvan

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