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Breathtaking Berlin

Who wouldn’t have heard of Berlin? This bustling capital of Germany is home to a mind-boggling array of old colonial buildings, galleries, museums, cafe, restaurants and clubs.


Here are some of the tourist attractions you might want to consider when visiting Berlin:

  • Tiergarten – Take a leisurely walk at the Berlin’s archaic park named Tiergarten. This massive place was a well-known royal hunting ground back in the days.  Here’ you can find the grandiose Bellevue Palace which was created for Prince August Ferdinand, the tranquil Berlin Zoo home to a variety of animals, the towering Victoria Column where guest can enjoy a panoramic view of the charming surroundings and the lovely House of World Cultures (Haus der Kulturen der Welt).
  • Hotel Adhon – This posh hotel is a replica of the iconic hotel which originally opened sometime in 1907 but was heavily ruined during the World War II. It is a legendary icon of Berlin having hosted many politicians, royalty, actors, and artists. Hotel Adhon stands proudly at the heart of the city fronting another famed landmark – the 18th century Brandenburg Gate.
  • Berlin Wall – A small part of the Berlin Wall still stands at the heart of city center in Mühlenstraße.  This infamous wall was said to have been built by the German Democratic Republic to prevent heavy migration of residents of East Germany to West and East Berlin.
  • Holocaust Memorial – Also known as “The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe”, the Holocaust Memorial was built in honor of the Jewish Holocaust victims. It houses several concrete slabs in rows designed by Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold and can be reached by foot from the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Berggruen Museum– When Heinz Berggruen, a notable art collector, returned to Berlin from his trip to Paris, he built his own private museum where his large collections of impressive artworks where displayed. His collection includes paintings by legendary artists Picasso, Klee, Giacometti, and Braque.



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