Whale Watching in the Land Down Under

Up close and personal with nature’s greatest beasts As more people begin to appreciate the beauty of nature, the joys of witnessing animals in their natural habitats become widespread. People who are no longer content with seeing animals in zoos now have the option to go on safari rides. However, it’s often a bit more […]

Journey to Gloucestershire

The unearthing of several Roman antiquities during the construction ofthe Gloucestershire section of the M5 motorway invited speculation that there may be over 4,000 Roman British sites in the Severn Vale,such as the one exposed at Great Witcombe in 1818, awaiting funds for excavation.

Uncovering Tintagel

This route provides the best approach to Tintagel. The most popular way which involves parking in the busy, commercialized village,is crowded; if you take the coast path from the south you fall upon the castle, missing out on stunning views of the island, which rises 250ft (76m) abovesea level.

A Walk in Cantenbury

Cantenbury has played an important part in England’s history since its early beginnings as the Roman town of Durovernum.  After the Romans left, Canterbury emerged as the capital of the kingdom of Kent, and it was here that Saint Augustine journeyed in AD 597 tore-establish Christianity.  With the construction of cathedral and an abbey, the […]